Give your customers access to the world of trading

A flexible, modular trading solution that can be used as an app or easily integrated alongside existing client services via APIs.

A connectivity API solution for online trading

Huddlestock Trader is integration-ready with leading core banking systems, for direct access to capital markets.

  • Easily integrated as a standalone trading component
  • A base for a self-directed trading app
  • A building block to a full-service Brokerage-as-a-Service offering

Example use cases

Launch an innovative new investment app, fast

You are thinking of launching a new app or web application; or you already have an application but would like to add investments as a new service.

Launch an investment experience your customers will love and go to market fast.

Embed investments into your product range

You are a financial company, or perhaps a super app, ecommerce or news platform looking to bring a valuable new service to your customers.

By embedding an investment offering into your existing platform, you can increase revenues and attract new customers.

Digitalize your workflow and enhance your customer journey

If you would like to integrate our tech into your systems, you can start by connecting to our API and then build your unique solution on top, quickly and easily.


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